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Razer Game Booster 9.8

Frees up RAM and CPU power to optimizing your gaming performance
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When activated, the application suspends processes that your computer doesn’t need at the moment to use while gaming. It frees up RAM and CPU power, configuring and optimizing your computer’s tweaks for peak gaming performance. Includes a helpful game launcher, a service manager, and a solution to defragment your game folders.

Razer Game Booster is a comprehensive free application that provides you with all the utilities you need to make the most of your game experience. The program will analyze your system and will detect those areas which - when conveniently tweaked - may be highly improved in order to boost your game performance. Razer Game Booster comes also with a useful game launcher, a service manager, and a tool to defragment your game folders.

This game launcher will shut down - though only temporarily - all those processes, functions, and applications which without being strictly necessary to keep your operating system working, may slow down your game experience. All available resources are redirected towards your game automatically, without requiring any further intervention on your side. All these changes, however, will be reversed - also automatically - as soon as you close the game.

Besides, you are also offered various tweaking and enhancing utilities that you can use to improve the overall performance of your system. Thus, you can make use of the program's defragmenter to pack up the folders that hold your games, which will speed up the time required by your system to access the game and its resources. You can also change the default values of selected services to make them run faster and be more efficient. This will help your operating system to speed up the menu display, to end hung applications faster, to shut down your system faster, to increase the number of IE download sessions, etc. Note that the changes performed here will not be reversed automatically after playing - novice users are advised to learn more about these values before tweaking them, or to stick to the automatic settings proposed by the program.

Finally, the program offers you the possibility of recording your gameplay in real-time and capturing your favorite screenshots. The "Screencast" window allows you to capture fragments of your games that you can share with your friends or use them to create tutorials, and to freeze your best frames into high-quality images. All these operations can be performed quite easily using the hotkeys of your choice.

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  • Excellent choice of tweaking possibilities
  • Includes a game defragmenter
  • Allows you to record real-time gameplay and to take snapshots of your favorite frames


  • The dark color combination of the interface detracts from its usability
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